Cost of Doing Business is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. Voldrik Glavonak would like 80DAO goldpiece trans to hire men to reinforce the walls of Vigil's Keep.

Walkthrough Edit

Either give Voldrik Glavonak 80DAO goldpiece trans or tell him to make do with the resources he has.

Result Edit

  • 250 XP
  • If paid as requested, Voldrik will begin with the repairs. After they are finished, you will notice that the keep will have new gates installed. It will be the first step in properly fortifying Vigil's Keep for the final battle.

Notes Edit

  • There have been reports of Herren's shop inventory resetting after this quest is completed and the repairs are done (indicated by new gates having been installed). In this case everything that you previously sold to him will be gone, while all items, including unique armor pieces like Clamshell Plate Armor and Stormchaser Gauntlets will be back in stock, even if you already bought them, and therefore can potentially be bought a second time.
  • Also the pockets of NPCs stationed in the Keep's exterior are replenished, allowing more Family Swords to be pickpocketed after the quest.
  • In some cases, the eastern section of the courtyard (to the right of Wade and Herren) will have two chests and a crate respawn its contents (random items). You may need to leave and re-enter the area, to have this all happen.
  • This is one of three side quests in Awakening which need to be completed to earn The Enduring Vigil achievement.
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