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Sashamiri's Floor is the first floor accessed by Hawke in the Grey Warden prison constructed for Corypheus. It is named after the Grey Warden Sashamiri, who captured Corypheus. It also houses the first magical seal that is binding Corypheus.


Legacy Legacy (main)
Malcolm's Will Malcolm's Will (optional)



Notable loot[]

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Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Privileged to the Wardens Codex entry: Privileged to the Wardens, a note in the northernmost room
Codex entry: The Wardens' Prison Codex entry: The Wardens' Prison, a note on the way to the seal
Codex entry: Upgrading Hawke's Key Codex entry: Upgrading Hawke's Key, upon killing the guardian of the seal
Codex entry: Genlock Codex entry: Genlock, upon killing a genlock/genlock alpha