Daneken's Floor is the fourth floor accessed by Hawke in the Grey Warden prison constructed for Corypheus. It can be accessed only as part of the Legacy DLC and can only be entered from Corypheus's Prison - Tower Base and only if Hawke has sided with Janeka instead of Larius at the end of the Tower Base level.


Hawke continues to battle through Corypheus's prison on this floor. After siding with Janeka, Larius activates a number of magical barriers in the prison each of which is controlled by a Power Nexus. Janeka joins Hawke as an ally during this level, and can be used to control the Power Nexuses, although she can only control one at a time. (Note that if you side with Larius you will instead be taken to Corypheus's Prison - Riannon's Floor and you do not access Daneken's Floor at all).


You have been trapped by Larius in a floor of the prison, with many doorways blocked by magical barriers. You can remove particular barriers by interacting with a nearby Power Nexus. Each Power Nexus (when activated) removes one specific barrier, and Janeka can only activate one Power Nexus at a time. It is necessary to work through the maze, using the Power Nexus activation to bring down barriers.

The Helmet part of the unique armor set Regalia of Weisshaput is in a chest in a room at the north of the maze.

De-activating certain barriers will release demons.

The final battle of the level takes place in the central tower, where you fight three Golems.


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