Corrupting Rune is a rune in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

  • Staff of Aidahn Allied icon Blade of Tuhna Allied
  • Bleeder of Souls icon Bleeder of Souls
  • DAI cleave axe icon Cleave
  • DAI Edge of Vengeance icon Edge of Vengeance
  • DAI-Rare-Bow-icon2 Elite Sniper Bow
  • Dai hayders razor icon Hayder's Razor
  • DAI-maulicon1-common Legion of the Dead Maul
  • Vigorous Staff icon Lifetaker Staff
  • Pirate Captain Cutlass Icon Keen Machete
  • Serrated Qunari Blade Icon Serrated Qunari Blade
  • Staff of Aidahn Allied icon Staff of Aidahn Allied
  • Staff of Aidahn Allied icon Sword of Charris Allied
  • Tyrddas Staff icon Tyrdda's Staff
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