Correspondence Interruptus is a quest from the Favors for Certain Interested Parties board.


"R" has a small request. "It's always useful to have a big name in your pocket, and there's nothing better than snagging them with their knickers down. If, in travels wide, someone were to come across notes between illicit lovers, I have certain specialists who can make the most of the texts." As you travel, keep an eye out for 12 of these notes. Bring twelve of them to the well-connected bartender for a reward.


This list provides the location of the love letters and the first few words of each love letter in Codex entry: Correspondence Interruptus to help narrow down each letter location. The Codex is under the "Notes" section as entry 228, 230 or 243 on the PC (+4TSP, +10WK, +1RtO).

  • Miss Ambrose,
    Brecilian Ruins: behind a secret door to the left, immediately after entering the Ruins Upper Level.
    Note: If you go down the stairs and down the ramp made from tree roots to that secret door, you have gone too far. Turn around and go back up the stairs and look to your right.

    Note: On pcIcon pc, pressing TAB will only highlight the secret door when standing very close to it. Furthermore, you must first approach the secret door before it will highlight with your cursor.


6 DAO goldpiece trans


  1. It is interesting to note that while the lady who wrote this letter tells the addressee that their relationship must end ("We must remain chaste"), the first letters of each line form the words "DON(')T STOP".
  • The title of the quest comes from the latin expression "Coitus Interruptus". Which means to pull out before finishing intercourse.


  • Sometimes, even after all twelve letters have been acquired, there will only be ten or eleven in the player's inventory, rendering the quest incompletable. The cause of this is unknown and there seems to be no solution.
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