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“A Grey Warden is always welcome in Tapsters.”

Corra is the bartender of Tapster's Tavern, in the Commons of Orzammar. She can be asked many things about Orzammar, but also order ale or mead or a round for the house.


If the Warden is working for Harrowmont, Corra will say that he is a good man and puts Orzammar's needs above his own. If the Warden is of the Dwarf Noble Origin, she will be outwardly rude and refuse to serve them. If she is questioned, she will mention that she liked Trian and now she is serving Bhelen even if he disgusts her. Her behavior however will change when Orzammar has a king again.

Ordering ale or mead will reveal some information regarding Orzammar, while ordering a round for the house will have no effect. Her drinks are not actual items gained as they are consumed at the spot and the Warden cannot browse any goods. If you choose to buy a round for the house, you lose 1Silver 20Bronze.

She can also give directions of where to find Dulin Forender and Lord Helmi. During the quest Zerlinda's Woe, if the Warden decides to speak with Zerlinda's father, who is a casual patron at Tapster's, Corra can also be asked where Ordel is and she will give directions as well as say that he is still dusty from the mines so he won't be chatty.


  • Warden: "I'd like a drink."
  • Corra: "With fifty-two types of ales, seventeen types of mead, and a dozen imported wines, we should be able to serve your needs. What'll you have?"
  • Warden: "A round of your best brew for myself and the house!"
  • Corra: "Someone's feeling generous. A round of Valenta's Red for everyone! This, my friend, is the Paragon of ales, the best your money can buy. Enjoy!"


  • Corra states that the cost of mead is 1Silver50Bronze while you only lose 3Bronze.
  • Similarly, she states that the cost of ale is 2Silver while you only lose 2Bronze.