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When unable to distinguish between the living and the dead, some demons end up possessing the bodies of the dead. This leaves them unable to return to the Fade, as corpses lack the lifeforce required for the demon to breach the Veil. Trapped in the physical world with death as its only future, the demon goes insane; the corpse will try to kill any life it encounters with no concern for its welfare.


The spirits gather around that violence like moths around a lantern, pressing for a closer look, until the Veil between this world and the Fade is stretched thin. Where it breaks, the spirits steal in, desperate for a taste of what we mortals take for granted. The weaker ones possess something that cannot fight back, like a corpse...and as the spirits relive the battles they once witnessed, mimicking what they think of as life, we mortals see only a corpse rise and attack.

In most corners of Thedas, funeral rites include burning or dismembering the dead to prevent them from becoming host to demons. But not everyone gets a proper burial. It is not unheard of for the dead to be thrown into mass graves in the aftermath of a battle or execution, almost asking some demon to claim the corpses.

—From Beyond the Veil: Spirits and Demons by Enchanter Mirdromel[2]


Dragon Age: Origins[]

The Attack at Nightfall The Attack at Nightfall

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

God of Secrets God of Secrets
Lay Rest the Eastern Ramparts Lay Rest the Eastern Ramparts
Lay Rest the Western Ramparts Lay Rest the Western Ramparts
Undead Ramparts to the West Undead Ramparts to the West


Dragon Age: Origins[]

Redcliffe Village Redcliffe Village

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

Chateau d'Onterre Chateau d'Onterre
Crestwood Crestwood
Din'an Hanin Din'an Hanin
Exalted Plains Exalted Plains
Fallow Mire Fallow Mire
Forbidden Oasis Forbidden Oasis
Lost Temple of Dirthamen Lost Temple of Dirthamen


Corpses aren't blessed with many special abilities, so their only tactic is casting their single spell (if they have one); then they engage in melee. They can spring nasty ambushes (refer to Notes section), but this is rare. It is best to bottle them up with a chokepoint, using either a tank taunting or a Glyph of Repulsion. Generally, no particular strategy is needed other than wholesale slaughter.

Like skeletons, corpses are immune to nature damage and flanking, and highly resistant to cold damage (but they can still be slowed, frozen, petrified or shattered). However, they are vulnerable to fire, so try to maximise on it.

Notable loot[]

Dragon Age: Origins[]

Corpse Gall Corpse Gall
Demonic Ichor Demonic Ichor

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

Corpse Heart Corpse Heart


Corpse archer - encountered in Dragon Age: Inquisition
Devouring corpse - possessed by a hunger demon
Enraged corpse - possessed by a rage demon
Shambling corpse - possessed by a sloth demon
Walking corpse - generic specimens which only appear during the Attack at Nightfall
Harvester - physical combinations of several corpses possessed by a Fade spirit

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Corpse Codex entry: Corpse
Codex entry: Corpse Codex entry: Corpse
Codex entry: Demonic Possession Codex entry: Demonic Possession


  • Corpses do not bleed; however, they sometimes leak a grayish-black substance from their wounds. It looks just like the composition of shades, adding further evidence that all shades are physical manifestations of demons without hosts.
  • Like skeletons, corpses can sometimes lie in wait for you on the floor, 'waking' when best able to surround the party (or at least the controlled character). They aren't detected by Survival in this dormant state, nor can they be targeted. Long-duration AoE spells/combinations still work, though, so if you see some suspicious corpses in the Circle Tower/Redcliffe Castle, it is recommended that you cast at least one. Paralysis Explosion works best, though Grease Fire, Tempest, Inferno and Blizzard are also good. If your party doesn't have these, a stealthed rogue should be sent into the room to trigger them while the others wait at the door.
  • Nevarran mummification practices increase likelihood of possession by spirits.