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Corinne Kempa is a French actress, and the voice actress for Leliana.

Background Edit

Corinne Kempa trained as an actress at the East 15 Acting School in London, after receiving her Master of French and English Literature degrees. She also trained with the Actors Temple, where actors assist aspiring colleagues in the craft.[1] She has also studied film direction with Raindance.

Kempa's acting resume includes stage plays, such as Antigone and Henry V, as well as films like Werewolves and Morris: Life With Bells On. Kempa also wrote, produced and directed the short film Zalika[2], concerning transracial adoption. As Ms. Kempa was adopted, she works with a charity to promote adoption awareness.[3]

Voice credits Edit

Corinne Kempa has voiced Leliana in Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, the Leliana's Song DLC, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. She has also provided voice talent for the MMO The Secret World.

Kempa has also done voice over work for the British series Top Dog Model[4], as well as voicing commercials for Stella Artois, etc.,[5] and providing French dubbing for Kim Kardashian on behalf of Skechers.[6]

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