Da'len, from where we are, it is so easy to think of the shemlen as bad. And some are. But that's not the problem. The problem is that they all think they are so noble.

Coran is uncle to Vaea and left the alienage to join a Dalish clan.

Background Edit

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Dragon Age: Knight Errant.

Coran left the Edgehall alienage after becoming discontented with its lack of safety, being located outside the fort-city itself. He joined the Boranehn clan and convinced them to visit the Edgehall elves to trade.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Knight Errant.

Coran Gell Uprising

Vaea mourns Coran after the attack on the Edgehall alienage

Vaea reminisces of her childhood in the alienage and her excitement at Uncle Coran's visits. Coran speaks with a younger Vaea, telling her the clan would welcome her. She hesitates due to her thieving from humans, concerned the clan would not accept her. Coran remarks that the Dalish share everything, like a family, and that right and wrong mean very different things in the alienage than outside of it. He also counsels her that not all humans are evil. The problem, he suggests, is that humans are driven to change the world while elves are more likely to recognize that they cannot and accept the world as it is. Attempting to change the world leads only to killing, or death.

When the alienage's Vhenadahl is cut down by Arl Gell's men after the elves ask for a new wall, Coran and his clan return at the city elves' request. They intend a peaceful show of force to compel the Arl to return the sapling the clan brought for their city kin, and which was taken from them on the way to Edgehall.

Vaea decides along with other passionate city elves that they should fight back, and she goes to steal back the tree. In the interim, Fereldan forces under the Arl attack the alienage, killing many Dalish, including Coran.

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