Coracavus is an ancient Tevinter prison in the northern part of the Western Approach. Long-abandoned, it is now in ruins.

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A list of former Coracavus prisoners

On the edge of the empire, they erected a prison: Coracavus, the dark pit. Far removed from the cultural heart of the Imperium, Coracavus held and meted out punishment to local peoples who denied Tevinter's claims to the region and to so-called "loyal" citizens who believed living on the fringes of civilization would grant them immunity from the Imperium's laws.[1].

Coracavus was used to house prisoners, whose crimes ranged from treason to public indecency, dating as far back as to before the Second Blight[2]. Political prisoners who could not be sentenced with execution were sent to Coracavus. It was widely known that bribes bought nothing and having the right name rewarded no leniency. Individuals hearing "Coracavus" passed as a judgment begged for death, which was considered a mercy.[3].

The prison was eventually abandoned and remained sealed until 9:41 Dragon when a Venatori expedition to the Western Approach, led by Crassius Servis, arrived and began to excavate it in search of lost Tevinter knowledge. To increase the pace of the work, the Venatori captured a Giant to take on the heavier excavating tasks.

Unbeknownst to the Venatori, the ancient Tevinters had unwittingly built Coracavus over an old entrance to the Deep Roads. The Venatori activity lured darkspawn out from the deep; they poured into the prison after workers breached a wall adjacent to one of the Roads. The Venatori sustained casualties after defeating the first wave of darkspawn; however, Servis ordered work be continued. A second wave of darkspawn followed and proved extremely challenging, they slaughtered the remaining workers forcing the Venatori to abandoned Coracavus constraining them to focus efforts elsewhere.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

When the Inquisitor arrives in the Western Approach, Servis and his minions have secured themselves in 'Echoback Canyon', inaccessible behind the Gates of Andoral and Toth. After capturing Griffon Wing Keep, darkspawn emerge from the northern entrance of Coracavus, cut off from the rest of the area by hazardous Sulphur Pits, and begin roaming the region. Upon bridging the Sulphur Pits, the Inquisitor enters Coracavus, seals the tunnel from further darkspawn outpouring, and gains access to 'Echoback Canyon' via the prison's South Exit.

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Map of Coracavus

  • Front Corridor
  • Guard's Hall
  • Holding Cells
  • North Prisoner Entrance
  • Records Room
  • South Entrance

The ruins can first be entered only from the North Prisoner Entrance, which soon leads into the Guard's Hall. From here stairs can be taken down east, into the Holding Cells. Back through the hall, the path opens up into the Records Room, the center of the site with some ancillary rooms, which can be left into the Front Corridor. A door closes off the South Entrance, a large square courtyard, that is guarded by a small hall holding the South Exit into the Approach.

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Mosaic Pieces icon Freed Are Slaves 1/12 pieces:

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Spirit rune schematic icon Spirit Rune Schematic - in a torture cell to the right of the stairs in the Holding Cells.

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Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Coracavus
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: A Missing Slave
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: The Secret Tongue of Slaves

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A note on giants at work.

Text ico Ancient List of Prisoners
Text ico A Blood-Spattered Note
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Text ico Faded Interrogation Notes
Text ico Venatori Plans

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  • The South Entrance leads to the Echo Back Canyon Camp in the Western Approach. Just south of the camp is the Gate of Toth and the gate's release lever to open it.
  • The giant is too large for the arch and will not enter the Front Corridor.

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