Continue Investigation is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Becomes available after completing Investigate Hunter Fell. This mission is the second part of a logic grid puzzle in which the player must identify a Venatori agent from clues uncovered by the advisors.

Operation text Edit

An excerpt from a Ben-Hassrath information report:

We still have neither race nor background information on the Venatori agent in Hunter Fell. The Belles are effectively nobility in the city; any information about them is protected.

We have confirmed that the Tal-Vashoth, whatever else she may be, is not a mage. Whether she is or was one of Duke Tythas’s lovers, she now appears to be in a relationship with the smuggler.

Advisor suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 15:00Edit

A Tal-Vashoth cannot hide her reputation easily, no matter how protective she is. Let my ladies ask about her.

Leliana - 11:40Edit

An Orlesian woman in Hunter Fell might have a fondness for items from home. Perhaps I can find out what she wears.

Cullen - 15:00 Edit

Let me try to find out more about the Mortalitasi.

Results Edit


A letter to Josephine about the Tal-Vashoth:

She is said to disagree strongly with the bard on matters of trade; she is a bitter enemy of the Orlesian after blood was shed between them early in their adventuring days, due to the Orlesian binding corpses with magic.


A letter to Leliana with information on the Orlesian:

She and the elf are the two members of the Belles who practice magic. She has on occasion purchased exotic dragon-related ingredients from the Tal-Vashoth, although it is unclear whether the Tal-Vashoth gets them through hunting or smuggling.


A letter to Commander Cullen with information on the Mortalitasi:

The Mortalitasi is said to be friendly with both the dwarf and the Fereldan, and a Circle member in good standing, according to all accounts.

Rewards Edit

All AdvisorsEdit

Notes Edit

  • The operation text gives the player more clues for the logic grid puzzle: the Tal-Vashoth is neither a mage nor the smuggler. The player's goal is to match each race given in Investigate Hunter Fell with a different background in order to identify the Venatori agent. Each advisor will give the player a different set of additional information for the logic grid puzzle.
  • The key piece of information at this stage is identifying the Mortalitasi, which can be done with any advisor regardless of previous choice (Josephine determines she is the Orlesian human, whereas Cullen determines she is not the Fereldan human, therefore the Orlesian by process of elimination). Leliana is able to determine that both the Orlesian and the elf are mages (with "apostate" only available to the elf in a logic grid). Leliana's information is the most useful here, as it identifies both the elf and Mortalitasi, and it will also allow the player to fully complete the logic grid (with the information in the operation briefings) and puzzle out the correct answer that way, regardless of previous choice. The correct answer can still be determined and chosen without fully completing the logic grid, but it will require some extra thought (see the final stage for details).
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