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For the developer console in Dragon Age: Origins, see Console (Origins).

The developer console is an in-game command line tool that allows you to perform functions which are not normally possible (multiple classes, new items, kill all enemies on screen, immortality, etc.). Despite the name, the console is not available on console (i.e. ps3ps3 or xbox360xbox360) versions of the games.


  • It is very important to note that all codes have the ability to potentially break your game and save files. Use the console with caution and remember to back up your files.
  • The console enabled prevents your data from syncing in the Keep. To solve this, run the game without the console. If your data still doesn't sync, try to force it by un-equipping an item from your character, saving your game, re-equipping the item and then saving again. Once your characters appear in the Keep, you may re-enable the console safely.
Note: Launching a game with console enabled seems to allow you to skip the Dragon EA logo (confirmed).

Enabling the console[]

There are currently four ways to enable the console.

Making a shortcut[]

Make a shortcut to your "DragonAge2.exe" file (typically located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Dragon Age II\bin_ship folder) on your desktop, Start Menu, or wherever. Right click on the shortcut, choose properties, then add the following to the end of line in the "Target" field: -enabledeveloperconsole — it should look something like this:

"C:\Program Files\Dragon Age II\bin_ship\DragonAge2.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole

Be sure that there is a single space between the last quotation mark and the hyphen.

Through Steam[]

Locate the game in your Steam library, right click on it and select properties. From the properties screen, select "Set Launch Options". Add the following line to the textbox that appears: "-enabledeveloperconsole" without quotation marks and click ok. To use the console, launch the game through Steam (Unverified).

Through Origin[]

Go to "My Games" in Origin and find your Dragon Age II. Right click it, and select "Game Properties". In the field titled "Command Line Arguments", put in -enabledeveloperconsole

By editing a game file[]

Another option is to edit the file …\Dragon Age II\data\DragonAge2Launcher.xml (i.e., within your Program Files folder). This will allow you to run the game from its normal shortcut, but requires you to edit a game file.

Note: Since the Origin download of this game does not create the necessary files to edit, this can only be done from retail disc install.

This should be done carefully. Make a backup of the file first. Then, find the line

<condition name="FirstRunCheck" type="FileExist" file="${USERDATA_DIR}\SystemInformation.xml">

The line below should be something like this:

<true action="execute" file="${BINARIES_DIR}\DragonAge2.exe" path="${BINARIES_DIR}" autoquit="true" />

Add an attribute arguments="-enabledeveloperconsole" to it make it read

<true action="execute" file="${BINARIES_DIR}\DragonAge2.exe" path="${BINARIES_DIR}" autoquit="true" arguments="-enabledeveloperconsole" />

For Mac users, locate the file in your user library by going to

Library/Application Support/Dragon Age II/config

Right click to open the file with Text Edit

Copy and paste the following:

[AppDefaults\\DragonAge2.exe\\transgaming] "cmdlineadd" = "-enabledeveloperconsole" 

To the end of ~/Library/Application Support/Dragon Age II/config

Accessing the console[]

Open the file "\BioWare\Dragon Age II\Settings\KeyBindings.ini" in your 'My Documents' folder. Open the file in Notepad, then find the line that says "OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_X" (GRAVE is default, change X to any button that is not already used in the game). You can also leave it as "Keyboard::Button_GRAVE" and then use the "backtick" character, which is located under the tilde. For Steam it seems binding the console to Tilde doesn't work for some people. Try binding the console to F6 if all other options failed.

--- It seems that, at least in the Direct Download edition from EA, the tilde button is called Kanji. Editing the line to "OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_Kanji" allows one to open the console as normal, using the same button.

Important Note: Every command typed in the console will be invisible, however, you can see if it's active by typing bound keys (such as trying to move your character or open your inventory), which would normally not work in console mode. The fonts.erf patch from DA:O that was previously used to make the console visible does not appear to work in DA:II.

Once you've got everything set, press the assigned key to activate the console and type in the code followed by <enter> on your keyboard. The easiest code to check if it's working is runscript zz_upgrade, as this code will pop open the enchantment screen no matter where you are in the game.

Note: Use 'Z' instead if all other keys don't work.

General console commands[]

  • runscript healplayer ~ Heals the entire party
  • runscript injury remparty ~ Removes all injuries from party
  • runscript injury remall ~ removes all injuries from the selected party member
  • runscript addmoney X ~ Adds copper in the amount of X, i.e.; 10000 = 1 Gold piece
  • runscript killallhostiles ~ Destroys all enemies. Be careful here because this can break scripted encounters and can potentially block progress.
  • runscript addxp X ~ Adds experience in the amount of X
  • runscript pc_immortal ~ You will still lose health, but not die. Can be undone with runscript pc_immortal 0.
    • Warning: In some cases, this command does not work, for example, fighting against a companion during Night Terrors. It's good to be aware of when using this command to know whether you are on or off the message. When the message shows "immortal: 1" shows that the command is enabled.
  • runscript cheat ~ Give all party members a white-glow effect with white dust spray out when you move, temporarily raises party's defence by a significant value, however, damage is still taken. (needs clarification)
  • runscript zz_upgrade ~ Opens the enchantment window
  • runscript zz_app_debug ~ Opens the Approval debug window to set Approval rates and Romance flags (this doesn't work for Sebastian, you must use his personal zz_seb_debug command)
  • runscript zz_supercrit player ~ Adds 1000 Stamina and Health, 50 Dexterity and Strength to Hawke. Note that this effect is irreversible.
    • This effect is irreversible, but the extra attribute points may be redistributed using the Maker's Sigh.
    • In certain versions this effect does not restrict loot from being picked up. The effect can also be repeated. Use Maker's Sigh then reenter code. Your character will have 50+ to strength and dexterity and you will have over 100 points to distribute
    • To achieve this effect with any companion, prefix the chosen companion's name with gen00fl_ in place of player. ex: runscript zz_supercrit gen00fl_anders
    • To achieve this effect with Tallis, the command is runscript zz_supercrit eye00fl_tallis
  • runscript dbg_setattrib [attrib] [value] - gives the selected party member a 180 sec. attribute buff / debuff, where [attrib] is a number from 1 to 6 (1=Str, 2=Dex, 3=Mag, 4=Cun, 5=Wil, 6=Con), and [value] is the amount by which you want to raise it. A negative [value] can be used to lower the attribute instead (i.e. -15).
  • runscript bowlingforferelden – This command surrounds you with a ball of energy and allows you to knock around nearly any NPC (party members included) like bowling pins. Be sure to save before you do this, as it may have unintended consequences (pushing NPCs into unreachable areas for example). Wears off after 50 seconds.
  • runscript zz_party - Retains current active party and adds Isabela, Anders and Aveline to your active party.
    • If your active party did not contain those three, then they will be added granting you six companions at a time. If one of them was in active party, the other two are added. Similarly, if two were already there, the last will be added. These added members remain after area transition (except Gamlen's house and Hawke's estate) and fight alongside you. Any of the added party members can be selected and controlled. Approval testing is required.
    • Warning! - Every time this command is used, all upgraded attribute points of Isabela, Anders and Aveline will be gone. Their attribute points will reset to their initial values from when you recruited them. All manually enabled abilities of Anders and Aveline will be retained, while Isabela's will be gone. Ability points gained so far will be available to reactivate lost abilities.
  • runscript zz_ave_debug - Aveline's debug (set approval, jump to dialogs, set plot flags)
  • runscript zz_and_debug - Anders' debug
  • runscript zz_bet_debug - Bethany's debug
  • runscript zz_car_debug - Carver's debug
  • runscript zz_fen_debug - Fenris' debug
  • runscript zz_isa_debug - Isabela's debug
  • runscript zz_mrl_debug - Merrill's debug
  • runscript zz_seb_debug - Sebastian's debug
  • runscript zz_vrc_debug - Varric's debug
  • runscript zz_otl_debug - Jump to char/plot for On the Loose.
  • runscript zz_dre_debug - Jump to plot debug for The Deep Roads Expedition.
  • runscript zz_lgt_debug - Light Content Debug - Debug for various side quests.
  • runscript zz_mer_debug - Debug for the Merchant quests
  • runscript zz_mag_debug - Debug for various main plot mage/templar quests
  • runscript zz_qun_debug - Debug for various main plot qunari quests
  • runscript zz_qcr_debug - Debug for the Qunari Crisis (Act II end plot and variables)
  • runscript zz_mcr_debug - Debug for the Mage Crisis (Act III end plot and variables)
  • runscript zz_per_debug - Debug for Hawke's personality/dialogue tone. Displays current tone and allows full reset.
  • runscript chargen warrior XX ~ Changes player to a level XX warrior
  • runscript chargen mage XX ~ Changes player to a level XX mage
  • runscript chargen rogue XX ~ Changes player to a level XX rogue
    • (Beware: Changing your characters class resets your characters appearance to the default.)
  • runscript zz_vault_debug - Savegame Import Debug Script
  • runscript zz_rdr_debug
  • runscript zz_rdr start | goto | daynight | set | get | talk
  • runscript zz_rdr start 1
  • runscript zz_rdr start 2
  • runscript zz_rdr start 3
  • runscript zz_rdr goto tavern 1
  • runscript zz_rdr goto tavern 1 night
  • runscript zz_rdr goto docks 1
  • runscript zz_rdr goto docks 1 night
  • runscript zz_rdr goto warehouse
  • runscript zz_rdr goto keep 2
  • runscript zz_rdr goto keep 2 night
  • runscript zz_rdr goto tavern 2
  • runscript zz_rdr goto tavern 2 night
  • runscript zz_rdr goto docks 2
  • runscript zz_rdr goto docks 2 night
  • runscript zz_rdr goto ambush
  • runscript zz_rdr goto hideout
  • runscript zz_rdr goto stash
  • runscript zz_rdr goto finale
  • runscript zz_dae - a master script that allows modification of most every other debug script, provided the right variables are entered. At each level of the menu, the script will create a popup with the applicable variables for that level; i.e., "runscript zz_dae" will tell you you can enter "show" as a variable, and typing "zz_dae show" will show you you can enter "tone" as a variable, hence "zz_dae show tone" will display your current personality. Similarly, "zz_dae tone humorous" will add one point to your humorous tone counter.
    • Options
      • Hire character - Replaces last character in the active party with character (Isabela, Fenris, etc.)
      • Fire character - Removes character from the active party.
      • Goto [Home | Hitown | Lotown | Dock | Keep | Bar] (Act) [Day | Night] - Teleport to specified map, as it appears in the specified act. May trigger cutscenes or quests (current quests don't seem to change). If you use this command to enter Hightown during Acts 2 or 3, Hawke's home may disappear. That is to say, Hightown will be as it is in Act 1. If this happens, simply leave Hightown using one of the "normal" exits and select Hawke's home as your destination.
      • Daynight
      • Set (plot) (flag) (value) - Set plot flag to specified value (assuming)
      • Get (plot) (flag) -
      • Show [Act | Area | Tone | Creature (tag)] - Displays specified information.
      • Tone [Diplomatic|Humorous|Aggressive] - Shows the current dominant tone (same for each option)
      • Talk [Nearest | (tag)|(name)] Initiates conversation with selected character. No idea what the options for tag are, or what they mean.
  • runscript zz_dae_debug ~ Modify your party, Act/Area/Plot jumps, and Map debugging
    • Edit Party - you edit your party members and even bring back your long lost sibling. This seems to work so far in Act 1 just make sure you always keep the original survivor in your party so you get the various dialog cues
  • runscript zz_drk_debug - Opens up debug wheel with teleport and quest stage options for the Legacy DLC
  • runscript zz_eye_debug - Opens up debug wheel with teleport and quest stage options for the Mark of the Assassin DLC

Companion debug commands[]

Codes below allow for approval to be added or removed, set Romance/Friendship/Rivalry Flags plus a few others. (The option to add/remove approval isn't currently working in Merrill's Debug Menu. However, using runscript zz_app_debug will allow you to edit her approval.)

  • runscript zz_and_debug : Anders
  • runscript zz_mrl_debug : Merrill
  • runscript zz_vrc_debug : Varric Tethras
  • runscript zz_ave_debug : Aveline Vallen
  • runscript zz_fen_debug : Fenris
  • runscript zz_isa_debug : Isabela
  • runscript zz_bet_debug : Bethany Hawke
  • runscript zz_car_debug : Carver Hawke
  • runscript zz_seb_debug : Sebastian Vael (Requires The Exiled Prince DLC.)

Approval Guide -

The debug menu gives only vague descriptions of the adjustments when editing approval, so it can be difficult to tell how much you are adjusting approval ratings. The numerical values for each approval adjustment are as follows:

  • Low: +5 friendship/rivalry
  • Medium: +10 friendship/rivalry
  • High: +15 friendship/rivalry
  • Friend: set approval rating to 50 friendship
  • Trusted: set approval rating to 100 friendship
  • Rival: set approval rating to 50 rivalry
  • Crisis: set approval rating to 100 rivalry

How to -

While using these commands you may have difficulty editing companion approval. The reason as to some of the difficulty behind the editing of these values is because you can only do one command at a time, attempting to do more than one at a time will result in only one companion's approval changing.


1. Open Debug Menu using any of the debug commands

2. Add/Subtract Approval/Change Romance to only one character

3. Choose only one command

4. Exit/Leave Menu

5. You'll see Approval added/subtracted (Romance will be invisible, but if you did it right it will work)

6. Repeat steps 1-4 for any other changes you want to make

Note: Approval modification will cease to have any effect once Friendship/Rivalry has been locked in.

Note: When changing romances to fix a bug, I suggest following romance guides because it could cause bugs in the cutscenes.

Savegame import debug script[]

  • runscript zz_vault_debug opens the Savegame Import Debug Script, which allows you to display the "current world state", i.e. the data that was imported from Dragon Age: Origins. Note that as of patch 1.01 several problems with the import function have not yet been fixed. Some events, e.g. romances, are either not imported properly or at least not displayed accurately (see the discussion on the BioWare forums for further details and possible unofficial solutions).

Quest/companion fixes/workarounds[]

Merrill's Companion Quest - Act 3[]

There's a bug that prevents Merrill's Quest from being obtained/completed. When Merrill is visited at her home, a cutscene immediately takes place. However, this is due to a bug/glitch and will prevent the player from getting her quest later on. The resolution is below.

  1. runscript zz_mrl_debug
  2. Select Main Quest
  3. Select Act 3
  4. Select 1 - Start Merrill Notify.

Merrill can now be contacted in her home, and quest can be obtained/completed. It is best to complete the quests 'A Talking To' and 'On The Loose' prior to using the console commands to stay with the chronology and avoid immediate termination of those quests.

Fools Rush In - Act 1[]

There is a common and frustrating bug where if you loot the letter from the mercenary's body in Fools Rush In, you will be unable to enter the Chantry to confront Hayder. It can be fixed in the following manner:

  1. runscript zz_isa_debug
  2. A menu will appear. Select Plot.
  3. Select Fools Rush In.
  4. Select Plot Point.
  5. Select Hayden Encounter.

You will skip some dialogue, but the quest will complete as normal.

Isabela's Companion Quest - Act 3[]

There is a relatively common bug where Isabela's quest cannot be received in Act 3 Hawke Estate. To fix this:

  1. runscript zz_isa_debug
  2. You should find yourself in a menu. Select Plot.
  3. Select No rest for the Wicked. Act 3.
  4. Select Jump to Plot Point.
  5. Select First Velasco Encounter.

This fix means that a couple of dialogues will be skipped, but quest can be obtained.

Aveline's Companion Quest - Act 3[]

There is a bug where Aveline's armor upgrade, Deflecting Joints Guardsman Pattern, can not be found on Jeven. Here is the workaround:

  1. Get AddItem-Mod from here: [1]
  2. Open console
  3. Type in "runscript additem gen_im_cns_flu_aveline_04.uti"
  • Alternatively you can download an unofficial bug fix here
As of patch 1.02, BioWare lists this issue as fixed. However, if you have ever been to Act 3 prior to patching, the upgrade still WON'T drop. Playing from prior acts will make it work as intended.

Adding Items[]

The Dragon Age 2 console has no built-in command to add items, but there is a mod that adds one. It can be found at the following location, along with installation instructions and a list of all items (though it does not have descriptions of the items): [2] (Dragon Age Forum offline Indefinitely)


  • runscript additem [item] [value] ~ Where [item] is the item code and [value] is the amount of items to add. For example, type "runscript additem fake_im_arm_hlm_hvy_champ.uti 20" to add 20 fake Champion's Armor (Warrior) helmets to your inventory.

There is a second mod that adds a "Visual Add Item" command. It allows you to screen for words in names of items or parts of item codes, so it is very useful when you don't know the item code: [3]

Syntax for item name screening:

  • runscript vaddin [filter] ~ Where [filter] contains part of the name of the item you are searching for. For example, "runscript vaddin champion" would yield a "container" opening with all items containing the word "Champion" in their title. (Such as Warplate of the Champion)

Syntax for item code screening:

  • runscript vaddi [filter] ~ Where [filter] contains part of the item code of the item you are searching for. For example, "runscript vaddi level" would yield a "container" opening with all items which have an item code containing the word "level." (Such as gen_im_cns_pot_level_01.uti (Maker's Sigh))
Note: As VADDI requires the mod from the DA forum, this mod does not work anymore. WADDI is standalone and provides a popup asking for the in-game item name instead of typing the long code into an invisible console.