Conscientious Objector is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition

A letter found on a corpse suggests that his brother, an isolationist mage, is hiding out in a cabin northwest of the crossroads.

Acquisition Edit

Obtained by reading A Letter Found on a Dead Body which lies on the hill that holds The Tempter Burns, a landmark on top of the hill between Dwarfson's Pass Camp and the cave in the south-eastern corner of the Hinterlands map. Loot him to read his letter and collect Grandma's Cabin Key. The cabin will then be marked on the map.

Alternatively, the cabin can be found first. Interacting with the door will also trigger the quest. If the cabin is found first, the location of the key will be indicated on the map.

Note: The letter found on the corpse is not a codex thus it appears in the Gallery below.

Walkthrough Edit

Upon returning to the cabin with the key, you will be attacked by a level 7 elite Greater Terror when you open the door.

The quest resolves after you open the door and before you engage the enemy, but there is a chest inside.

Rewards Edit

  • 44 XP
  • 40 Influence

Other texts Edit

Text ico A Letter Found on a Dead Body (Conscientious Objector)

Notes Edit

The Greater Terror drops Rare Amulet Icon 1 Enhanced Amulet of Magic and the chest inside the cabin has random loot.

Gallery Edit

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