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Connor Guerrin is the son of Arl Eamon Guerrin and Arlessa Isolde, nephew of Bann Teagan Guerrin and cousin to King Cailan Theirin. He was born in 9:20 Dragon.[2]


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Dragon Age: Origins.

Before the arrival of the Warden, Connor began to demonstrate magical abilities. According to the laws of the Chantry, this would result in the child being sent to the Circle Tower for tutoring, as well as forfeiting all rights to lands and titles. Scared of losing her son and ashamed of his magical power, his mother Isolde, the Arlessa of Redcliffe, decided to hire a tutor to teach the boy in secret, the Blood mage Jowan. Her intention was that Jowan would help her son not only control his powers, but also conceal them from others, allowing him to escape the grasp of the Circle and the templars.

However, Jowan was sent to Redcliffe by Teyrn Loghain to poison Arl Eamon, a task in which he succeeded. In an attempt to save his father's life, Connor naively allowed himself to be possessed by a Desire Demon—becoming an abomination. While the desire demon sustained Eamon's life, he still remained comatose. Under the demon's influence, Connor sent hordes of undead to attack Redcliffe Village at night.

Connor is first encountered in Castle Redcliffe. He will occasionally have brief moments of lucidity, coming around only to find that he's lost time and has absolutely no clue what is going on.


Dragon Age: Origins[]

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Dragon Age: Origins.


Image of Connor in Heroes of Dragon Age

When the Warden infiltrated Redcliffe Castle, they discovered that Connor had ensorcelled Bann Teagan into acting as his fool. When the Warden confronts Connor, a brawl breaks out with the enthralled Teagan and castle guards. The violence from the brawl is enough to frighten Connor and that stimulus jolts Connor into regaining control of his body and flee in fear. The Warden manages to drive off Connor and contain him in the upper floor of the castle but it is uncertain how long he will remain passive. Nevertheless, Isolde still wishes to help her son.

In order to gain access to Arl Eamon, the Warden should deal with the possessed child. This can happen in a number of ways.

The Warden may attempt to save Connor by confronting the demon in the Fade. This can be done through the use of a blood magic ritual by sacrificing and using the life force of Arlessa Isolde (provided that Jowan is still around), or by using lyrium obtained by the Circle of Magi. The latter option, however, requires that the events of the Broken Circle be completed and the mages of the Circle are still alive. In both options, a mage enters the Fade in order to destroy the demon. The mage can be a magi Warden, Morrigan, Wynne, Jowan, or if the Circle option was used, First Enchanter Irving. If a magi Warden enters the Fade in order to rescue Connor, they can make a deal with the demon in order for it to return on a later date and possess Connor again, instead of destroying the demon.

The other option is to deal directly with the possessed Connor by initiating a confrontation with him in the upper floor of the castle where he retreated. By following this path, the desire demon is being destroyed, however Connor is also killed. After the Warden wounds the demon in battle, Connor reverts back to his human form. Arlessa Isolde arrives just in time before the Warden deals the killing blow to Connor. Isolde will plead and demand that they find another way to save her son and the Warden can acquiesce to her demand. Connor will express that he is in pain and revert to the desire demon's personality, which mocks Isolde for irrationally endangering everyone out of foolish sentimentality. Ultimately, Isolde will lose heart and will offer to make the killing blow, as it is her responsibility and she wants to be there to comfort Connor in his final moments. If the Warden doesn't indulge Isolde's pleading, the Warden can knock Isolde out and kill Connor themselves.

Based on these options, there are various results in the epilogue:

  • If The Warden allows the Desire demon to possess Connor at a later date as part of their deal to spare his life, Connor will vanish when the Arl prepares him to be sent to The Circle. Eamon will search but eventually give up. Connor is never seen again.
  • If the Warden allows the Desire Demon to possess Connor at a later date as part of their deal to spare his life, and does not let his mother, Lady Isolde, sacrifice herself, it could also result in Connor completing his Harrowing and becoming a full circle mage, undertaking a formal study of the Fade.
  • If Connor is saved and the Desire Demon killed or scared away, he may be sent to the Circle of Magi. After completing his Harrowing and becoming a full circle mage, he will undertake a formal study of the Fade in Tevinter. This will happen if you let his mother, Lady Isolde, sacrifice herself to perform Jowan's blood ritual not using the Circle of Magi's help.
  • If Connor is saved and the Desire Demon killed or scared away, Arl Eamon may merely comment that Connor has been acting strangely. This will happen if his mother, Lady Isolde, also survives the events in Redcliffe.
  • If Connor is killed, Eamon and Isolde will conceive another child, this time a daughter, named Rowan. Isolde dies during childbirth. Like Connor, she is revealed to be a mage, and is eventually sent to the Circle for formal training.
Furthermore, if Connor survives and the Warden died killing the Archdemon, Connor will be present at the Warden's funeral standing next to Arl Eamon.

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Adult Connor in Dragon Age: Inquisition

If Connor survives the events of the Fifth Blight, and the Warden did not allow the Desire Demon to possess him, he can be encountered at Redcliffe. Connor states that he was a member of the Ferelden Circle when it dissolved, which led to him joining the mage rebellion. He admits that he originally voted against the dissolution of the Circles. Even so, he followed his fellow mages into rebellion and initially thought well of his fellow mages as before they weren't summoning demons or using magic irresponsibly. They simply wanted to police themselves. However a magister arrived and took over the rebel mages. Fearing that the mage rebels were on the brink of annihilation, Fiona indentured herself and her followers to Magister Alexius and the Tevinter Imperium - an act Connor severely disapproves of. Alexius usurped Redcliffe and deposed Connor's uncle from power, sowing chaos and unrest among the village and attributing much to Connor's distrust of mages in general - believing all of them to be "monsters" that need to be controlled. He loathes even himself due to the deaths he caused in Redcliffe when he was possessed.

Connor burning

Connor killing himself

If the Inquisitor recruits the mages:
In the alternate future witnessed by the Inquisitor and Dorian, they can find Connor and witness him kill himself in order to avoid becoming an abomination again. If the Warden allowed Connor to be possessed, however, then he does not appear in either Redcliffe Village or the alternate future and his fate is unknown.


Dragon Age: Origins[]

The Arl of Redcliffe The Arl of Redcliffe

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

In Hushed Whispers In Hushed Whispers (conditional)

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Connor Guerrin Codex entry: Connor Guerrin
Codex entry: Redcliffe Codex entry: Redcliffe


Connor hoda

Promotional art of Connor in Heroes of Dragon Age

  • When importing to Dragon Age II, one of the important choices that the player makes in Dragon Age: Origins pertains to Connor's fate.
  • Connor was set to appear in Dragon Age II, but this was cut from the final game before release. Recorded lines for Connor can be found here.
  • He was named after his grandfather's lover, a man whom his father, Eamon, came to know as father.[3][4]
  • According to Isolde, Connor is afraid of violence and that is the stimulus that he sometimes uses to regain control of his body during his time as an abomination.


  • It is possible to save Connor and still have the Codex recorded as the Warden killing Connor. This bug occurs on the pcPCversion after the events at Redcliffe Castle. In all platforms, the Codex will occasionally report that Isolde sacrificed herself to save Connor even when you opted to have the Circle of the Magi send a mage into the Fade rather than have Jowan use Blood Magic.
  • xbox360Xbox360If Isolde kills Connor, Arl Eamon's dialogue during the coronation ceremony will be the same as if Connor were still alive - "Connor seems well enough, but Isolde refuses to speak of what happened..."
  • If both Arlessa Isolde and Connor are saved with the aid of the Circle of Magi, the codex may state that either one, or both of them, died during the events at Redcliffe Castle, even though both continue to appear in the game.

If this happens it is possible that during Dragon Age Inquisition villagers of Redcliffe will state that either Isolde or Connor died during the events of Origins.

  • If First Enchanter Irving enters the Fade and speaks with Arl Eamon there, there is one line of dialogue where Irving appears to be confused and questions trusting Arl Eamon -- it should probably be that Arl Eamon responds with that line to Irving.
  • In Dragon Age Inquisition, Connor will refer to Alistair as king even if The Hero and Anora are the monarchs.

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