Companion quests are quests that are unlocked during the course of gameplay, and directly affect the relationships and epilogues of companions in Dragon Age: Origins.

List Edit

Ico Quest Alistair's Family, While in Denerim seek out Alistair's sister, Goldanna.
Ico Quest Flemeth's Real Grimoire, Flemeth still holds her true grimoire. Return to Flemeth's Hut, without Morrigan, for a final confrontation.
Ico Quest Leliana's Past, Marjolaine has sent assassins to kill Leliana. Head to Denerim to settle the score for good.
Ico Quest Oghren's Old Flame, Help Oghren win over Felsi, who works at the The Spoiled Princess.
Ico Quest The Sword of the Beresaad, Follow the trail of clues to find the current owner of Sten's sword.
Ico Quest Wynne's Regret, Ask Sarel (with Wynne in your party) about Aneirin, and travel north, just past the Mad Hermit's campsite to find Aneirin.
Ico Quest A Golem's Memories, After A Paragon of Her Kind, talk to Shale to find out where she came from.