This page lists the companion quests in Dragon Age II. Some quests involve Hawke giving a gift to a companion, and these are noted. Also noted is at which stage each quest becomes available to the player.

Act 1Edit

AndersTalk to Anders
AvelineThe Way It Should BeAvailable after completing the quest, A Friend in the Guard.
BethanyPortrait of the Past
CarverFamily history
FenrisFenris Recruited
IsabelaIsabela's Contactavailable after the completion of the secondary quest, Fools Rush In.
MerrillWelcome HomeAvailable after bringing Merrill to her new home in Kirkwall.
MerrillNice Crime You Have Around Here
SebastianDutyListed under Premium Content in the Completed Quests section instead of the Companions section.
VarricQuestions and AnswersAvailable after completing the quest, Tranquility.

Act 2Edit

AndersVisit Anders
AndersDissentAvailable at the last stage of Blackpowder Courtesy
AndersQuestioning Beliefs
AndersAnders in the FadeAvailable after Night Terrors completed
AndersTevinter Chantry AmuletGift giving quest
AvelineCalling on the Captain
AvelineThe Long RoadAvailable at the last stage of Blackpowder Courtesy
AvelineQuestioning Beliefs
AvelineDoubts that LingerAvailable after Night Terrors completed
AvelineThe Captain's Condolences
AvelineShield of the Knight HerselfGift giving quest
FenrisSpeak to Fenris
FenrisQuestioning Beliefs
FenrisA Bitter Pill
FenrisFenris Night TerrorsAvailable after Night Terrors completed
FenrisThe Book of ShartanGift giving quest
IsabelaIsabela's Ongoing Search
IsabelaQuestioning Beliefs
IsabelaIsabela's ApologyAvailable after Night Terrors completed
IsabelaA Ship for IsabelaGift giving quest
MerrillConsoling WordsAvailable if Bethany or Carver were not taken to the Deep Roads
MerrillMirror ImageAvailable after Blackpowder Courtesy completed
MerrillBack from Sundermount
MerrillQuestioning Beliefs
MerrillMerrill, An ApologyAvailable after Night Terrors completed
MerrillWooden HallaGift giving quest
SebastianQuestioning Beliefs
SebastianThe Starkhaven LongbowGift giving quest
VarricPlans for the Future
VarricAn Update
VarricFamily Matter
VarricA Story Being Told / A Rumor Making the Rounds
VarricVarric's ApologyAvailable after Night Terrors completed
VarricFriendly Concern
VarricThe Tethras Signet RingGift giving quest

Act 3Edit

AndersCheck on Anders
AndersQuestioning Beliefs
AndersThe Key to Your HeartRequires an active romance with Anders
AvelineChampions and Captains
AvelineFavor and Fault
AvelineQuestioning Beliefs
FenrisSpeak to Fenris
FenrisQuestioning Beliefs
FenrisBlade of MercyGift giving quest
IsabelaIsabela's Regret
IsabelaNo Rest for the Wicked
IsabelaQuestioning Beliefs
IsabelaA Rivaini TalismanGift giving quest
MerrillThe New PlaceRequires an active romance with Merrill
MerrillA Talking To
MerrillA New Path
MerrillMerrill, Friend or Foe?
MerrillMemento of the DalishGift giving quest
SebastianQuestioning Beliefs
VarricThe Storm and what Came Before It
VarricA Small Problem
VarricAn Anniversary / ClosureAvailable after Haunted completed

Any ActEdit

AndersArcane FeathersMark of the Assassin DLC
AvelineA Romantic's GiftMark of the Assassin DLC
AvelineThe Du Lac SignMark of the Assassin DLC
BethanyA SymbolonMark of the Assassin DLC
CarverOdd EnsignMark of the Assassin DLC
FenrisA Warrior's LegacyMark of the Assassin DLC
IsabelaA Map of SortsMark of the Assassin DLC
IsabelaPirates and their CursesMark of the Assassin DLC
SebastianA Secret FormulaMark of the Assassin DLC
VarricLiterary TheftMark of the Assassin DLC