Companion quests are quests that are unlocked during the course of gameplay, and directly affect the relationships and epilogues of companions in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Companion quests Edit

Ico Quest The Prisoner, deal with the prisoner, Nathaniel Howe.
Ico Quest Nathaniel's Joining, initiate Nathaniel into the Grey Wardens.
Ico Quest The Howe Family, reunite Nathaniel with his sister.
Ico Quest Freedom for Anders, find Anders' phylactery.
Ico Quest Sigrun's Joining, initiate Sigrun into the Grey Wardens.
Ico Quest Sigrun's Roguish Past, help Sigrun resolve some of her past issues.
Ico Quest Velanna's Joining, initiate Velanna into the Grey Wardens.
Ico Quest Velanna's Exile, discover the story behind Velanna's past.
Ico Quest Oghren the Family Man, advise Oghren on his relationship with Felsi.
Ico Quest Justice for Kristoff, help Justice tell Kristoff's wife of his demise.
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