The Commander's Plate armor set is a massive armor set in Dragon Age: Origins. Because the pieces are random loot, it is a rare item set and can be easily missed.

Acquisition Edit

The set pieces can be found as random loot in several specific locations (Ferelden treasure, boss rank). Since all pieces are random loot, make sure you save before entering each area as this will allow you to try again in case the armor pieces do not appear.

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Note: The drops of the charred corpse are determined the first time you enter the Alienage, and not the orphanage.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

Details Edit

Name Armor
Fatigue Runes Enhancements Notes
Commander's Plate Boots
Requires: 22 strength
1.5 3.00% 0
Commander's Plate Armor
Requires: 22 strength
8.75 21.00% 0
Commander's Plate Gloves
Requires: 22 strength
1.25 3.00% 0
Set bonus 0.00 0.00% 0 Set: +5 willpower
Commander's Plate armor set
Requires: 22-42 strength
11.50 to 28.76 27.00% to 35.10% 0 Set: +5 willpower

Bugs Edit

  • ps3Icon ps3When worn by Sten, the texture of the gloves does not change properly as the quality of the armor increases, e.g., dragonbone gloves appear as iron gloves.
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