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Combos are a combat mechanic in Dragon Age: Inquisition, consisting of two attacks combining to create a more powerful effect.


A combo is a two-step process. The first step is a disabling attack and the second is a detonator attack on the same target that sets off the combo. Note that this means that enemies which are immune to disabling attacks are immune to combos based on that immunity. E.g., Gurns are immune to freezing and paralysis, so they are only susceptible to combos based on sleep and stun. Creatures such as dragons and giants, which are immune to all disabling effects are thus also immune to all combos.

It should also be noted that combos produce a significantly greater focus gain than normal attacks.


Note: This special combo will not work if Shock is applied to Weakened enemies, only if Weaken is inflicted on Shocked enemies. Also, the Weakened combo detonation (Stun + Eldritch) does not follow the same rules as the Weakened status effect, in that affected enemies will not restore a Rift Mage's mana via Restorative Veil, for example, nor can it be used to trigger the Sleep condition



Note that many of the damage bonuses are keyed to elements which may or may not be related to the abilities that triggered them. Furthermore, the damage bonus is relative to the detonator ability used, not the disabling ability.

  • Basic combo
    • Damage bonus, no other effects
  • Discharge
    • Large electricity damage bonus, area of effect (friendly fire-proof when enabled), inflicts Shock
  • Nightmare
    • Large spirit damage bonus, inflicts Panic
  • Rupture
    • Large damage bonus with a duration
  • Shatter
    • Large cold damage bonus
  • Weakness
    • Large spirit damage bonus, inflicts weakness

The following table shows the effects generated by each combination of disablers and detonators:

Impact Precision Eldritch
Freeze Shatter Shatter Basic Combo
Paralyze Discharge Discharge Basic Combo
Sleep Rupture Basic Combo Nightmare
Stun Basic Combo Rupture Weaken