There are many things to discover around Thedas. Collections can be seen in the Journal under Collections.


Astarium icon

The Astrarium is a curious device of ancient Tevinter origin that allows the viewing of constellations in the stars.


Bottles On The Wall icon

See Bottles on the Wall for full details and locations of the 29 bottles required to complete the collection.

See also Codex entry: Bottles of Thedas and Codex entry: Grey Whiskey/Ritewine/Conscription Ale for beverage descriptions.

  1. Absence
  2. Abyssal Peach
  3. Alvarado's Bathtub Boot Screech
  4. Antivan Sip-Sip
  5. Aqua Magus
  6. Butterbile 7:84
  7. Carnal, 8:69 Blessed
  8. Chasind Sack Mead
  9. Dragon Piss
  10. Finale by Massaad
  11. Flames of Our Lady
  12. Garbolg's Backcountry Reserve
  13. Golden Scythe 4:90 Black
  14. Hirol's Lava Burst
  15. Legacy White Shear
  16. Mackay's Epic Single Malt
  17. Silent Plains Piquette
  18. Sun Blonde Vint-1
  19. Vint-9 Rowan's Rose
  20. Vintage: Warden Anras
  21. Vintage: Warden Daedalam
  22. Vintage: Warden Eval'lal
  23. Vintage: Warden Gibbins
  24. Vintage: Warden Jairn
  25. Vintage: Warden Korenic
  26. Vintage: Warden Riordan
  27. Vintage: Warden Steed/Bethany Hawke/Carver Hawke
  28. Vintage: Warden Tontiv
  29. West Hill Brandy

High Dragons

High Dragon icon

See Dragon Hunter for full details and locations of the 10 high dragons required to complete the collection.

  1. Fereldan Frostback
  2. Vinsomer
  3. Northern Hunter
  4. Abyssal High Dragon
  5. Gamordan Stormrider
  6. Greater Mistral
  7. Hivernal
  8. Kaltenzahn
  9. Highland Ravager
  10. Sandy Howler


Landmark icon

Any navigator worth following will look out for distinctive landmarks that provide bearings and define regions.


Mosaic Pieces icon

Ancient Tevinter mosaics, long ago destroyed and scattered, may be reassembled to shed light upon the continent's rich history.

There are five mosaics to be found. See the mosaic pages for full details and locations of the 12 pieces required to complete each one:

  1. The Archdemon
  2. The Fall
  3. Freed Are Slaves
  4. Invasion
  5. Sacrifice


Inquisition Camps icons

The unique and wondrous corners of Southern Thedas are often best explored with a sword in hand, but that's not to say they aren't worth exploring.


Oculara and Shards icon

The Tevinter Oculara reveal mysterious shards scattered across the Imperium's former colonies. The purpose of these shards may prove important -- or, at the very least, profitable.



Collecting the shards enables the Inquisitor to complete the following five side quests in the Forbidden Oasis:

Skyhold Customizations

Many Aspects of Skyhold can be tailored to match the style and function of the Inquisitor's particular brand of leadership.


Song icon

See Patron of the Arts for full details and locations of the 21 songs required to complete the collection.

  1. Empress of Fire
  2. Enchanters
  3. I Am The One
  4. Maker
  5. Nightingale's Eyes
  6. Oh, Grey Warden
  7. Once We Were
  8. Rise
  9. Samson's Tale
  10. Sera Was Never
  11. Hero in Every Port (Ballad of Nuggins)
  12. She of the Highwaymen Repents
  13. Shred of Blue
  14. Skyhold Garden
  15. Take Back the Sky: A Tavern Cheer
  16. Andraste's Mabari
  17. The Girl in Red Crossing
  18. The Silver Knight
  19. The Storm Coast's Claim
  20. The Bull's Charger's Song
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