Colette is Professor Kenric's research assistant.

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Colette is one of the few elven students at the University of Orlais. She doesn't mind the hard work of the university and working under Professor Bram Kenric. Though she says that elves' work is usually ripped off, deemed "not substantial enough for formal credit" where publications are concerned, she has faith that her professor will properly credit her work once their research is published.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Upon arriving in the Frostback Basin, the Inquisitor is asked by Bram Kenric to keep an eye out for Colette, his research assistant, who left to survey some nearby Tevinter ruins. She can be found in the swamps, just past the Swampside Camp, being attacked by three lurkers. Once the beasts are defeated, Colette states that she's still planning on going to the ruins despite the danger, and ask that the Inquisitor join them there.

The Tevinter ruin in question is Nigel's Point. Inside is a memorial to Haron and Orinna, two of Ameridan's companions, who stayed behind to fight Avvar so Ameridan could face Hakkon. The Avvar were greatly impressed by their skill, and set up this memorial in their honor. Colette is greatly excited at the find.

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