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Cole appreciates the Inquisition helping those who are hurting and in need. He will also approve of freeing prisoners and disapprove of sentencing people to prison.

Recruitment Edit

The Inquisitor can recruit Cole during Champions of the Just.

If In Hushed Whispers was completed the Inquisitor will meet him during In Your Heart Shall Burn and can get recruited after reaching Skyhold in The Forgotten Boy.

Cole's Disposition Edit

Cole's disposition toward The Inquisitor can be determined by engaging him in a "generic" conversation (i.e. a conversation where his farewell is not changed by any other factors such as a quest or cutscene). He will usually greet the Inquisitor with one of his Cryptic Comments, but when reaching low approval, he will warn the Inquisitor once.

When Cole's approval rating is at or below -30, his crisis cutscene will trigger the moment The Inquisitor zones into Skyhold, and he will leave the Inquisition permanently.

Cold/Hostile (-75 to -5):
Cole will greet the Inquisitor once with "I don't like what you're doing. If we don't help people here, I will find another place."
Cole may greet the Inquisitor with one of the Neutral greetings, or possibly "Yes?" or "You want things."
Cole will bid the Inquisitor farewell with "How do you know?"
Neutral (-5 to 34):
Cole may greet the Inquisitor with "I'm here." or "I can talk with you."
Cole will bid the Inquisitor farewell with "Maybe."
Warm/Friendly (35 to 125):
Cole may greet the Inquisitor with one of the Neutral greetings, or possibly "I'm glad you came to talk to me." or "It's good to spend time with you."
Cole will bid the Inquisitor farewell with "Yes." or "If you like."
Note: Cole will also bid the inquisitor farewell with "How do you know" or "Probably".

Cutscenes Edit

Look for Cole Edit

Skyhold, approval 35-75.

If Cole's approval tips above 35 during conversation with him in the tavern, the conversation will end abruptly as Cole vanishes and the "Look for Cole" option becomes active.

Bug icon Bug! If Cole's approval reaches +75 before this conversation takes place, the "Look for Cole" option will not appear. Instead, Cole will be standing in his usual spot in the tavern. He can still be interacted with as normal.
Tin jangle as the blood spills.  Pierre's wrapped body on the wagon to the chantry.  Five more minutes.  My fault.
Q Do you hear everything? (repeat)
  • Can you help her? - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • What was that?
  • Don't harm her. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
Wait, that didn't work. Let me try again. You'll forget me in a minute.
Q Wait, what? (repeat)
  • [Wait and watch.] (to Part A)
  • No, don't do that. (to Part B)
Part A
  • Nice work. (scene ends) - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • They don't remember you? (scene ends)
Part B
How do I do it right, if I've done it wrong and I can't make her forget?
No approval changes
She's not better.
  • This isn't about her. (scene ends)
  • She will be. (scene ends) - DAIApproval Slightly Approves

After this scene, a small chest becomes active next to him in the tavern. It contains gear for him.

After Here Lies the Abyss Edit

See Subjected to His Will for quest details.

He won't bind me. He's a mage, and he likes demons, but he won't help.
  • What's wrong? - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • Seriously?
  • No.DAIApproval Solas Slightly Approves
I'm not me anymore. Walls around what I want, blocking, bleeding, making me a monster.
Q What if binding changes you? (repeat)
Q That's true for everyone. (repeat)
  • We'll protect you. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
  • We'll figure something out. - DAIApproval Solas Slightly Approves
  • You may need to leave. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves, DAIApproval Solas Slightly Disapproves

Do you want to go somewhere? Edit

Available after Subjected to His Will

(If Cole is more like a spirit)

Will you be dining alone, Your Worship, or will others be arriving later?
No approval changes
You can tell her. She'll laugh, and then do it, because she loves you. She want to make you happy.
  • He needed help? - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • That sounds intriguing. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • So you're not sitting?
I wouldn't have heard them before. Now I can, thanks to you.
Q And that helps? (repeat)
  • I'm glad to help. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • As long as it works for you.
Thank you for helping me find this again. For believing in me. You don't know what it means.
No approval changes

(If Cole is more human)

He saw me. They all see me.
  • I'm proud of you. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • It's a good step.
  • That should be normal.
My only friend, for a long time. Evangeline showed me that templars could be kind, but even she... (Sighs.)
  • Is this painful? - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • Are you going to get dark? - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • I don't understand.
That's why I was scared about letting all these people see me. That's why I laughed.
No approval changes
I have enough self to know that what I felt was foolish. Isn't it wonderful?
  • Yes, it is. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • It's a little odd, actually.
  • If you say so.

After What Pride Had Wrought Edit

No approval changes

Prompted conversation Edit

First conversation in Haven Edit

No approval changes

First conversation at Skyhold Edit

Available only if In Hushed Whispers was done

Roderick was sorry before he died.
Q You knew Roderick? (repeat)
Q I hope you didn't kill him. (repeat) - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
  • Sorry for what?
  • I'm glad to hear it.
  • Don't speak of him. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves

After Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts Edit

I didn't understand the Grand Ball. It would have been easier if they said what they wanted.
  • It's the Game. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
  • Did you like the masks?
  • I agree. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves

After Choosing a Specialization Edit

After a mage Inquisitor selects the Necromancer specialization Edit

Cole will DAIApproval Disapprove when talking to him.

I don't like it.
Q Am I hurting spirits? (repeat)
  • I'm sorry. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • Whoops?
  • Accept it. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves

After a mage Inquisitor selects the Rift Mage specialization Edit

You're different. It shines on you, shimmering, sharp. You made magic from the rifts. - DAIApproval Approves
Q How do you see me? (repeat)
Q How do other mages differ? (repeat)
  • I hope it pleases you. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • This was unexpected.
  • Deal with the changes. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves

[Investigate.] Edit

Let's discuss the templars. Edit

No approval changes

Let's discuss the Inquisition. Edit

No approval changes

Tell me about your past. Edit

Requires some amount of approval. If not enough, he simply says "No.," and the conversation ends

Q1 You killed mages?
  • You made a mistake. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • You're a murderer. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • You set them free. - DAIApproval Disapproves
Q2 Rhys was your friend?
Remaining questions have no approval changes

Let's Discuss Adamant Edit

If Cole was taken into the fade after Here Lies the Abyss.

Q The nightmare spoke to you.
  • Yes, I'll kill you. - DAIApproval Approves
  • I'm not going to kill you. - DAIApproval Greatly Disapproves
Remaining questions have no approval change.

Talk about how you think. Edit

Skyhold, requires +35

No approval changes

You're more of a spirit now. Edit

After Subjected to His Will and making Cole more like a spirit...

No approval changes

You're more human now. Edit

After Subjected to His Will and making Cole more human...

No approval changes

You've done odd things. Edit

Skyhold, once it gets its first set of repairs
Listen in on some conversations among NPCs about strange occurrences around Skyhold. None of them can seem to remember who did them... Once hearing the first part, you may need to speak to Cole about it to get the next part to trigger.

  • In the main hall, a man sweeping mentions turnips.... and in front of the armory, a soldier talking about a dying soldier...
  • In the tavern, someone complains about plums... and outside the tavern, someone talks about spiderwebs...
  • On the battlements near Cullen, a soldier talks about a lost dagger... and at the main gate, a lady mentions a soldier in a fight...
  • In the kitchen, someone mentions some cheese and mint have gone missing... and in the tavern, a lady mentions a cat... and in the kitchen, the assistants talk about the cook's mood...
    • After the first four: In the kitchen, a man mentions missing bread ... and near the surgeon, a woman and a man are sitting by the fire and she tells her friend about the soldier who will not die until winter comes.

When any of them have been found, the Inquisitor can ask Cole about it...

In order to trigger the next part of the missing bread dialogue near the surgeon, the Inquisitior may need to ask Cole about the missing bread, after (s)he solved the first four mysteries completely and got the approval rewards...

Yes. Maybe. What was it?
  • There are five possible options; following through each to completion - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • Finishing all five possible options; DAIApproval Greatly Approves
  • Stop these activities. (ends conversation; remaining options are removed) - DAIApproval Disapproves
Bug icon Bug! Performing war table missions involving Rhys and Evangeline can halt this quest.
Bug icon Bug! pcIcon pcNo approval may be gained even if all 5 options are collected and used on Cole. The disapproval can be gained normally however.

In the field Edit

Cole does not have to be in the party to gain or lose approval from completing side quests.

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