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Colbert is a human hunter that the the Warden-Commander encounters in the City of Amaranthine.


In Vigil's Keep - Throne Room, Captain Garevel refers the Warden-Commander to Colbert and his friend Micah, saying they could have information on an odd chasm they found.


When visiting the City of Amaranthine, the Warden-Commander must talk to Colbert about the chasm he found to progress with Last of the Legion. He is standing near the entrance of the city with his elven companion, Micah. He's hostile towards a male Warden Commander and flirtatious towards a female Warden Commander.

It turns out he and Micah, fell into a pit in the Knotwood Hills and were ignored by a horde of darkspawn. He'll give the Warden-Commander the details and a map of the chasm's location. The chasm is, in fact, an entrance to the Deep Roads.

Note: If Anders in the active party, he will contribute a line or two to the conversation.

The Warden-Commander has the option of giving Colbert 1Gold or 10Silver for his effort.

After finding Micahs Lucky Charms in the Knotwood Hills, the Warden-Commander can return it to him for 250 XP by talking to Colbert. After this, both will leave.


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