Coercion provides Intimidation and Persuasion options during dialogue. It will help make the Warden's life significantly easier on many occasions. It will enable the Warden to obtain information, gain items, seduce other characters, avert combat, and collect greater quest rewards. If the player chooses the City Elf Origin, he/she will automatically start with one rank in this skill. This skill is only available to the Warden.

Intimidation and Persuasion checks are governed by two factors: the skill check's difficulty score and the Warden's appropriate skill score.

Difficulty score[edit | edit source]

Persuasion & Intimidation Difficulties in Dragon Age:Origins are assigned to one of four difficulty ranks:

Difficulty Score Needed
Low 25
Medium 50
Hard 75
Very Hard 100

Persuasion & Intimidation skill scores[edit | edit source]

Each tier in Coercion adds 25 points to the Warden's total Persuasion & Intimidation skill scores. Persuasion and Intimidation are also influenced by the Warden's cunning or strength attribute scores, respectively. Each point over ten in these attributes will add one point to the appropriate skill score. The following formulas may thus be used to calculate a desired score:

Persuasion = (25 * Coercion_Tier) + (Cunning - 10)
Intimidation = (25 * Coercion_Tier) + (Strength - 10)

Results[edit | edit source]

If the required skill score is at least equal to the difficulty score needed, then the Warden is successful. There is no randomness involved. A skill score that is at least equal to the difficulty will always succeed while a skill score that is lower than the difficulty will always fail.

Notes[edit | edit source]

It may not be necessary to spend a skill point on Master Coercion depending on your Warden build. A warrior by the later game will probably have STR of at least 35, and a Rogue may well have 35+ CUN; those are sufficient to bring Intimidate and Persuade, respectively, to over 100 with three skill levels.

Tiers[edit | edit source]

  • Passive
  • Requires: 10 Cunning
The character is influential enough to convince others to change their views. Strength contributes to a more intimidating character, whereas cunning contributes to a more persuasive character.
Improved Coercion
Improved Coercion
  • Upgrade
  • Requires: 12 Cunning
The character's ability to read and influence others has improved.
Expert Coercion
Expert Coercion
  • Upgrade
  • Requires: 14 Cunning
The character is exceptionally influential and can compel all but the most strong-willed individuals.
Master Coercion
Master Coercion
  • Upgrade
  • Requires: 16 Cunning
The character is a silver-tongued master of coercion, able to sway just about anyone.

Notable Intimidations and/or Persuasions[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

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