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Codex text

"The Crows send their regards."

If Zevran becomes friendly...

"I intend to see this through to the end with you. After all... someone must take responsibility for preventing your untimely death."

Between the Tevinter Imperium, Rivain, and the Free Marches sits the nation of Antiva. Although it possesses few resources of its own, Antiva's location makes it a center for trade in the north, and the capital, Antiva City, is the wealthiest in the world. Antiva has virtually no army—the monarchy is too weak to support one. Most Antivans would be hard-pressed even to name the current king—as the true power lies in the hands of a dozen merchant princes, each with a personal army, and each locked in a constant struggle for power against all the others.

Anyone would think, then, that Antiva would be a ripe target for invasion by one of her neighbors, but even the Qunari leave Antiva alone for one very good reason: the House of Crows.

The most efficient, most feared, and most expensive guild of assassins in the world calls Antiva their home, and their reputation alone defends the borders.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

After Zevran's assassination attempt:
Zevran was the Crow contracted by Loghain to assassinate Alistair and the Warden. One failed attempt later, however, he found himself at the mercy of his would-be victims.
If Zevran is not recruited and killed...

He was killed, which likely has ruined the Crows' otherwise perfect record of successes.

If Zevran is not recruited and released...

They showed somewhat dubious mercy by letting him go, and what's become of him is anyone's guess.

If Zevran is recruited...

They showed him unexpected mercy, and in return he swore to aid the Wardens on their quest to end the Blight.

If Zevran subsequently leaves...

They parted ways, however, and Zevran has not been seen since.

If Zevran is subsequently killed (other than when Taliesen attacks)...

Things don't always work out as expected, however, and Zevran was killed in a disagreement with the Warden.

If Zevran sides with Taliesen in the attack after the Landsmeet is called...

The word of a Crow, however, is little more than noise. Crows ambushed the Warden, and Zevran joined them. He was killed alongside his Antivan brothers.

If Zevran's approval reaches 20...

Zevran shows an affinity for the finer things in life—hardly surprising for an Antivan Crow—but his appreciation can be more poetic than he lets on. A simple bar of refined silver or gold, uncomplicated by a craftsman's hammer, is elegantly valuable.

Zevran was an Antivan Crow who was sent to Ferelden to kill Alistair, a Grey Warden. Alistair defeated Zevran and spared the would-be assassin's life, on the condition that Zevran never show his face again. Fearing reprisal from the Crows for his failure, Zevran went into hiding in Denerim's elven alienage.

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