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I said you could take a few components for your personal use. I'm certain I didn't say you could empty our stores! Enchanter Ines looked like she was shitting hognuts when she noticed. Do you know how long it took to collect that witherstalk? I know what you're doing with it! No one needs that many warming draughts.

I'm locking the chest. Find your own witherstalk. Or perhaps either you or Ferran could try to stick to your own quarters.

—A note written by Apprentice Veralinn of the Fereldan Circle

Maker, Vera!

That is not what's going on! All the witherstalk in the chest was dried anyway, and you know it's only efficacious as a preventative when the sap is fresh. I'm more interested in its effects on the mind when combined with certain other plants. Ines knows all about it. Just ask her. She probably forgot that I'd already told her. Old bat.

And please, Ferran and I are more than able to amuse ourselves without resorting to the tired old dip-and-stir. Maybe if you got out of the botanical section and looked at other books.

—Apprentice Elodia's reply

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