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From the fair and deadly Lady Shayna to his faithful squire Ser Tillers, much is known of the companions of Calenhad, the first king of united Ferelden. But seldom do bards recount tales of Willem Halfear and the Ash Warriors.

While noble Calenhad was trying to assemble a nation, he found himself greatly outnumbered by Teyrn Simeon's forces. It seemed a foregone conclusion that Calenhad would fall, but on the advice of Aldenon the Wise, Calenhad ventured deep into the Brecilian Forest in search of allies. Those woods have a fearsome reputation, and after a fortnight of waiting for their liege to re-emerge, his men lost hope.

And then Calenhad returned with Willem Halfear by his side and the Ash Warriors behind him. Although the Ash Warriors' numbers were relatively few, they turned the tide in the Battle of the White Valley. Halfear and his men breached the enemy's van, allowing Calenhad and Lady Shayna to kill Teyrn Simeon and unite the land.

Sitting at the Ash Warriors' campfire, listening to them tell of the prowess of Willem Halfear, it has become clear to me that his role in the formation of our kingdom is greatly underestimated.

—From Annals of the Scarlet March, by Brother Bedine, Chantry Scholar

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