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Codex text

From "A Path of Warning and Harsh Promises." Breaker Thram's words make one passage stand out:

The blood of the dragon is treated in a way that speaks of dark intent, though motive is left to the temperament of the individual reaver. All of us can be tempted to harsh conduct. It is simply the fate of the reaver that theirs is the power to be brutal above most others. Their destruction is first inward, a commitment and test that spares them the instant distrust of the blood mage - to whom temptation comes with ease and the will of a demon in constant threat.

An account:

I cut the beast. It had seared me, but now its blood was the balm that would sooth. Later, I took the smallest amount and, adding it to the rite and ritual I had learned, drank without hesitation. It did not taste like blood as the uninitiated understand it, for they only know the taste of the wound, a flavor of defeat. This was the taste of blood coursing within, of life, of the primal - a burning that is not swallowed so much as it inhabits. To infuse with the blood and life of such a beast is to be changed at the core. Some could see it and knew I was more than I had been. Some could not and had no warning. And some knew, but would not say, for the choice of how to wield it is truly mine. The act of becoming is a defiance of all expectation. I am above. I see where the blade must go. I see through you.

Several mixtures are detailed, each contributing to the final.

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