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See also: Knight-Enchanter, Way of the Knight-Enchanter

Codex text

From "Rank and Role in Victory." Commander Helaine's words make one passage stand out:

Many are reluctant to include the rank, but that is because it is rare enough that they have not seen it deployed. Most change their mind when they fight alongside. All change their mind when they fight against.

An account:

The training was not pleasant for me. When first I exited my Circle, I was as a babe new to the world. And then I was in battle, in defense of nation and name, and the lines did form, and my fellow mages took their positions in the rear.

And I stepped forward.

Then my place in the fray opened, and those of muscle and blade were around me, and I was not afraid. For I knew my role and worth, and soon did all others know them as well. Any concerns I had that the knights would not heed evaporated. All knew their rank, their place, and the value of that to their lives. Our blades were of different ken, but our purpose was clear and defined. On the field, in the battle, I command.

Detailed principles and examples of command follow.