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I fear I shall have no opportunity to meet with you prior to the Exalted Council at Halamshiral. The colleges and fraternities of enchanters are holding yet another round of elections in a few months, and I must be present to organize everything, or the Aequitarians and the Lucrosians will inevitably get drawn into the most passive-aggressive arguments over the number of ballot boxes and the arrangements of voting cards you can possibly imagine. On the last two occasions when I could not be spared from my duties at the Imperial Court, the Isolationists sealed themselves inside the debating area with ice walls, in protest over some insult from Libertarian senior enchanter from Cumberland.

I must, of course, convey the continuing approbation of the Orlesian court, through I have no doubt dear Duke Cyril has already bored you to death with the Council of Heralds' compliments by now.


If Vivienne is the Divine...

My dear Inquisitor,

I hope this letter finds you well. I do apologize for the tardiness of my correspondence. I have, of course, been extremely busy, but that should never serve as an excuse for neglecting one's most influential friends. I look forward to seeing you again, my dear, though it is a pity we must meet under such disagreeable circumstances as the Exalted Council. It seems we've only just put the mage crisis to bed, and now the Fereldan Bannorn is awake and crying for attention.

I shall let Josephine give you the details of our upcoming business so that I can instead discuss more important plans for our reunion. Namely: shopping, darling. There is an excellent milliner planning to make the trip to the Dales from the capital just for the occasion to meet us, and, of course, we must visit the Imperial Gardens Spa at least once.

With affection,
Divine Victoria

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