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While we still have little information on their methods, our agents have obtained considerable information on Ben-Hassrath hierarchy and organizational structure. Strictly speaking, the entire group is under the jurisdiction of the Ariqun and would therefore be considered priests. The Qunari divide all Ben-Hassrath activities into three distinct categories: "Dangerous Purpose," "Dangerous Action," and "Dangerous Questions." Three priests form a mini-triumvirate that manages all their operations, with each priest presiding over actions in a single category. We have an ongoing mission to identify the leader of the "Dangerous Questions" branch, which seems to handle the vast majority of the Qunari intelligence gathering and sabotage missions. "Dangerous Actions" appears to be the branch responsible for enforcement; their agents almost never leave Qunari-controlled territory except to hunt defectors. The branch we have had the most contact with has been "Dangerous Purpose."

This division, run by a priestess called the Viddasala, or "one who converts purpose," handles the conversion of foreigners, the reeducation of Qunari dissidents, and the collection and quarantine of magic. Things that, by Qunari definition, are threats to themselves and others by nature.

Our attempts to infiltrate the Qunari "reeducation" camps have largely proven unsuccessful. The Ben-Hassrath are all too good at spotting our agents among their converts; most spies are sent away with a patronizing remark, and the few who have been admitted to one of their "viddathlok" facilities have never reported back. We will instead redouble our efforts to locate and infiltrate one of their "darvaarad" magical quarantine sites.


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