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Codex text

The Vestments of Sacrifice is a replica of the robe worn by Grey Warden Neriah, a mage who fought in the Second Blight's final battle in Starkhaven. According to legend, she threw herself in front of a darkspawn emissary to protect her lover, Corin. Neriah's sacrifice saved Corin's life, which was instrumental in ending the Blight for it was Corin's blade that struck the Archdemon Zazikel down.

The original robe was displayed at the Circle of Magi in Antiva for many years, and I count myself among the lucky to have seen Neriah's robe before it was destroyed in a fire. I constructed this replica from my notes and sketches, and it is as accurate a copy as one could achieve. I have even gone to great lengths to recreate the enchantments placed on the original robes.

The recreation of this garment brings me great joy and fulfillment. I hope it brings the same to one of your order. Please accept this gift, humbly presented, as a token of appreciation for all the Grey Wardens have done for Thedas.

—Excerpt of a letter from First Enchanter Haramund of Starkhaven to Warden-Commander Dernheim of Weisshaupt