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"I know a human crime when I see it. I have experienced more than enough of them."

Velanna wreaked havoc in the Wending Wood, murdering humans who crossed her path to terrorize the nearby villages into releasing her sister.

However, the Warden-Commander discovered that darkspawn were to blame for Velanna's sister's disappearance. Hoping to rescue her sister, Velanna offered to help the Warden-Commander destroy the darkspawn.

The Warden-Commander refused an alliance and killed Velanna, believing her crimes too great to go unpunished.

Velanna was upset to discover that her sister, Seranni, was working willingly with the Architect. She pledged herself to the Grey Wardens and survived the Joining.

An encounter with Velanna's former clanmate Marren revealed that the clan had cast Velanna out and denounced her anti-human crusade.

But Velanna grew impatient with the Warden-Commander and left the Grey Wardens.

Seranni reappeared as the Grey Wardens were making their way through the Mother's lair and explained how the Architect has convinced her of the similarities between the darkspawn and the Dalish. Seranni's passion may have swayed Velanna's feelings.

Velanna is fond of the color green as well as items that remind her of elven culture and nature.

Velanna likely perished in the second darkspawn assault on Vigil's Keep.

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