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Greetings and salutations from beautiful Kirkwall!

The sun is shining, the sea birds are screeching, and almost nothing in Hightown has fallen into a sinkhole and ended up in the sewers for over a month. The Red Lyrium cleanup in the Gallows is going better than expected. Nobody misses having Meredith fused to the flagstones, eerily glaring at everyone. The City Guard celebrated finally getting her out of there by holding a completely impromptu parade. Several Lowtown residents composed a song on the spot with lyrics to the effect of "Thank the Maker the crazy cursed Templar is gone," which was remarkably catchy-despite, or maybe because of, the fact that it was mostly just swearing in tune.

Even with all this stellar progress, it looks like I'm stuck here. Channels in the harbor were completely changed by falling debris a few years back, which led to a lot of ships getting wrecked coming and going, which... only made things worse. And then we had rifts open, and weird glowing fade rocks appeared out there.

Incidentally, thanks for closing the rifts.

Now the only hope for repairing the harbor is to send guys with pickaxes to clear the rocks. Ever try to hire miners who are also divers, Inquisitor? There aren't many, and even fewer are happy mining glowing shit from the Fade. This is going to take a lot of my coin to fix.

Stop by the city some time. We'll get in a game of Wicked Grace. Please. This Viscount shit is boring me to death.


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