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Elves have their heroes, just as we do; they honor the Vallasdahlen—Life-Trees—of these legendary figures. Planted in remembrance of those who dedicated their lives to the Dalish kingdom, these trees grew into a mighty wood, a testament to the elves' force at their height.

Walk beneath the Vallasdahlen with reverence; remember that each of them once had a name.

—From In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar by Brother Genitivi

The Dalish believe Mathalin was the first of the Emerald Knights, and the first to hold Evanura, the blade of honor, forged in Halamshiral for his hand.

Tanaleth was a smith and the High Keeper of June; she spent her years rediscovering the arts of Arlathan.

Briathos protected the Dales from human incursion. When humans sent missionaries and templars, he turned them away.

Vaharel conquered the human city of Montsimmard.

Lindiranae was the last to hold the blade Evanura. With her fell the Dales; the sword was lost.

Dalish revere Elnora for her tireless work reviving the magical arts of lost Arlathan.

Ralaferin was a great lord of elven Halamshiral. The Ralaferin tribe existing today believes they descend from him.

Calmar was Elnora's apprentice and First, and friend to the halla.

Sulan was Mathalin's squire. He walked always with a wolf at his side.

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