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In 7:28 Storm, a high dragon rampaged through the northern Free Marches, destroying villages and killing over a hundred people. Following in the dragon's wake was a group of wild-eyed fanatics who worshipped the dragon they called Urzara.

The cultists believed Urzara would soon claim the Maker's throne, being the child of the Old God Urthemiel. To prepare for the dragon's ascension to true godhood, the cultists burned down village chantries and forced those they came upon to bow down to their crude stone idol of the dragon.

Followed by her cult, the dragon returned to her mountainside home near the mouth of the Minanter River. The Marchers, afraid the dragon and her cult might one day return, assembled a small army of militiamen. The men suffered heavy losses but succeeded in killing the dragon. When Urzara fell, many cultists threw themselves into the Minanter and died.

The cult leader was captured and taken to Tantervale where he was publicly emasculated, disemboweled, and burned. His symbol of power, a talisman carved from Urzara's mighty tooth, was awarded to the man who struck the killing blow on the dragon.

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