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This veilfire script was hidden in the Arbor Wilds. It's so old it cannot be translated into any known language.

There are whispers fom the Well of Sorrows. It's impossible to understand the entire text, but certain parts suddenly reveal a shadow of their original meaning.

"We are trapped. The ones born here do not understand the keenness of what we have lost, or why so many of their elders weep as they enter uthenera. The new ones are faithful to Mythal, but do not understand what she was in her fullness. Without the wise to lead them, they will lose what they should have been.

I will teach them. They must serve. We must prepare for those who cast Mythal down. I shed my name the day I began her service. I shed my new one again, now that she rests. I will only be known by the sorrow that cuts my heart."

For a moment, there is a feeling of wrenching loss. Then it fades.

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The translated text only appears if the Inquisitor drinks from the Well of Sorrows.

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