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Codex text

The Trevelyans are nobility from Ostwick, a city-state on the southern coast of the Free Marches. It is an old and distinguished family, in good standing among its peers, and with strong ties to the Chantry. Its youngest sons and daughters—those third- or fourth-born children with little chance of becoming heirs—often join the Chantry to become templars or clerics. As the youngest child, Lord/Lady [Player name] Trevelyan was expected to follow suit... until the disaster at the Conclave.

[Player name] was present at the Temple of Sacred Ashes as a representative of his/her family's interests, along with other distant relatives in the Chantry. He/She was the only survivor at the temple after the explosion. Rumors that the mysterious mark on his/her hand is a sign of the Maker's favor were spread by those who claim they saw the divine prophet, Andraste herself, lead Lord/Lady [Player name] out of the Fade.

If the Herald is a mage, an additional excerpt is added...
As a mage, however, Lord/Lady [Player name] Trevelyan was expected to spend his/her life in the Ostwick Circle of Magi.

A sedate place, the Ostwick Circle did not decide in favor of either templars or mages, clinging to neutrality during the rebellion. [Player name] was chosen as a delegate to the Conclave in the hopes his/her noble position would provide protection for his/her fellow mages while negotiation continued. Trevelyan was the only survivor of the explosion that rocked the Temple of Sacred Ashes.