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Don't you wish you could've been invited to the duke's party? Oh, everything is so splendid here and so Orlesian! The decorations, the company, the food! And just thinking about the wine sends me into a giddy fit.

The duke spares no expense, truly! I hear he has it brought in from Val Chevin, just for these parties. He has whole crews of thick, simple-minded Fereldans to carry his barrels of wine up the mountain. And they're too stupid to know that what they carry is worth more than what they earn in a year.

It's so funny. Fifi and I actually saw the laborers. One rolled down the mountain and crashed to the bottom. It was such a shame. I almost died seeing all that gorgeous red seeping into the ground. Or maybe that was from the laborer. Well, whatever.

—Excerpt from a letter written by Babette de Launcet to her brother, Emile

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