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Sister Leliana,

As per your request, I have made a thorough examination of the fresco adorning the rotunda. I first attempted to clarify its intent with Messere Solas. Forgive me, I know he is not titled within the structure of the Inquisition, but the more I learn of his experience, the more awkward I feel not using a formal honorific.

On the mural, all messere would say is, "Skyhold is his/her fortress (meaning of course the Inquisitor). These are his/her actions." He is, of course, correct; the subject of each addition is self-evident.

On the medium and method, it is elven fresco, pigment and plaster, and it is grand. I have rarely been privileged to observe such skill as it is applied. It is considered, with long periods of study before the image emerges, whole cloth and with certainty. It speaks of how I imagine elves view the world, and the measured nature of their step.

I should expect such competence form messere, given his probable years of study. But it is still an amazing work, demonstrating an art with few living practitioners, even among the Dalish.

Archivist Banon

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