See also: The Rascal's Scale, by Coinheart

Codex text

Strangest suit I ever made? The scale for that fool Rascal, no second thought needed. A project I wanted to try for years, obvious given my name, right? But I could never find a fool to wear his wealth as protection. This one, though, was daft as any surfacer and was paying two coins for each that I hammered, and that buys a smile and nod for any idiot. I guess he's something of a name in his own lands, this Rascal, so I can't really question, and I did him my best, like always. Damned lyrium weave left my fingers numb, though. No sword will get through that, I guarantee, but I'll bet his children are born pale.

From Tales of the Craft: Masters in their Own Words, a record of dwarven smithwork, guild archived

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