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The undead exhumed
Borne from the shallowest graves
Mined from the living

-- By the Paragon Lynchcar, 7:44 Storm.

Do you like fried mush and nug?

I do not like them Mister Klug
I do not like fried mush and nug

Would you eat them on a rug?
If you eat, you'll get a hug!

I would not eat them on a rug
From you I would not want a hug

Then would you drink them from a jug?
Come on, come on, give them a chug!

I would not drink them from a jug
I'd rather eat a slimy slug

Would you eat them with a bug?
Would you share them with a thug?

I would not share them with a thug
I would not eat them with a bug
Not for a hug
Not on a rug
From a jug
I will not chug
Come on, come on, now mister Klug
Are you on some kind of drug?

Eat them in this hole I dug
Eat them, eat them, don't just shrug

I've had it, had it, Mister Klug!
Down, into that hole you dug
Down with the thug
And the slug
And the bug

-- By the Paragon Seuss, 2:12 Glory.

Never surrender
Dwarvish blood may be lukewarm
But vital as ore

-- By the Paragon Lynchcar, 7:48 Storm.

There was once a miner of lyrium,
Whose face looked like a perineum,
The dead got him too,
Not much he could do,
With a face like that he was shoe-in.

-- By the wordsmith Carlol of House Yonoch, 9:11 Dragon.

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Console entry (requires getsetplotflag): cod_bks_dwarf_poems 0 1

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  • The first and third poems are in the form of a haiku. The second written by Paragon Seuss is based on the children's book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss. The fourth is a limerick.
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