Codex text

To Knight-Commander Meredith, re. the so-called "Mage Underground"

Every Circle in Thedas suffers from individual mages who rebel and attempt to flee. These apostates are usually found and returned to the Circle or mercifully killed if they have fallen to demonic temptation. Until now, I have never served anywhere that the populace does not fully cooperate in hunting these rebels.

Here in Kirkwall, citizens actually help rebel mages escape. Escaped apostates have survived their freedom long enough to form the "the mage underground," a network that feeds and shelters escapees and even transports apostates into remote areas of the Free Marches and beyond our easy reach.

As of late, the movement has grown bolder, sending raiding parties into the Gallows in an attempt to break out mages who lack the skills or willpower to escape on their own. This is a grave concern. My recommendation is to fight back, both physically and in turning the minds and hearts of their supporters against them.

—Knight-Captain Cullen


  • Although the Codex entry becomes available only in Act 2, the mage underground is mentioned twice in Act 1: directly by a templar in the Docks standing across the Qunari Compound in the day-time and indirectly by Emeric when Hawke first meets him.
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