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The Legion of the Dead are comprised of dwarves who are looking to regain their honor. These discredited dwarves must venture into the Deep Roads to battle an endless tide of darkspawn. The Legion guarantees redemption for its members, but so too their deaths.

There are records indicating that one human joined the Legion. Sir Aurelian Pentaghast, the defeated contender for the Nevarran throne, retreated into dwarven lands in 8:60 Blessed. Sir Aurelian was a pious man who was ousted after clashing with his people. He believed the Maker demanded that he return his homeland to Chantry rule.

With little recourse but to live out his days as a dishonored exile, he joined the Legion of the Dead and went into the Deep Roads a dwarven hero. He was never seen again, but pieces of his enchanted armor have turned up on the surface in the ensuing decades. Some say the armor was scavenged off his body, others that he sold the pieces after secretly returning to the surface. The truth, as always, is known only to the Legion, whose motto has always been, "our secrets die with us."

—From Legacy of Orzammar, by Alstead the Sage, 9:05 Dragon

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