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This was not a place of honor. Here came beasts from the north, carrying a poison called "the blight." They killed many warriors and sickened the land, and even their blood could kill.

We feared them, and it was right. We were strong, but still they came to feed upon our screams.

These stones hold the screams of the Alamarri. Wherever the spawn of darkness have come, these stones were raise, so the beasts might take their bounty of fear and depart. If they did not, every man would put his screams into the stone until none were left inside him. Then he would light the fire to burn the screams away, and take up sword and shield to fight until death came.

When all the men were dead, the women did the same, whether it was the tradition of the tribe or not. Then the children, even if all they held were fire pit sticks.

Remember our warning. Give the stone your screams, burn them so that they cannot master you, and fight.

—Runes etched near the base of the screaming statue

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