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The runner strode the winding road,
And out of breath came she
'Pon the bastion of the huntsmen true
To make her desperate plea.

Ameridan in dragon's hide,
Haron clad in blessed steel,
Came forth to head the tidings brought
With so much breathless zeal.

"Upon the lonely moors," the runner cried,
"A loathsome beast now dwells.
As day gives way to night, it strikes.
All in its path, it fells."

Three souls bravely led them out
The dark'ning moor to see
As sun slipped 'neath the sighing heath
The hunters' guide did flee.

The moon crept o'er the heather
As a terrible cry released
In silvered light the hunters saw
The arrival of the beast.

Favored like a wolf it was,
In size like a Woodsman's Death.
Within its eyes burned eldritch fire,
The Fade in every breath.

Swift as thought, the hunters struck.
The demon wolf fell back,
But mortal strength alone could not
Prevent the beast's attack.

With one huge paw, the monstrous thing
Struck Ameridan the Brave.
Across the moor he flew, and fell
Into a watery grave.

Jaws like a dragon's clamped down tight
Round Haron's armored chest,
And with the knight it sped away
From moonlight, to the west.

No living eye was there to see
From peaty swamp arise
Ameridan, who found himself
Alone, 'neath darkened skies.

The shattered shield of Haron
He found upon the moor.
In grief Ameridan did vengeance swear:
The beast's head he would procure.

Whilst the wolf across the moor
Bore Haron to its lair,
A labyrinth of winding cave
Any mortal should beware.

By worm-light in the twisting cave,
Haron bravely fought
To free himself from death's own jaws
Before his life was naught.

With blade-arm free, the knight struck true
Into the monster's eye,
And off it fled into the dark
With otherworldly cry.

The wounded knight in darkness
Found within the cavern's gloom
An idol of fade-touched stone,
Which could prove the monster's doom.

Ameridan all alone did seek
The demon-wolf's fresh trail,
And to the cave he came prepared
A wolf's heart to impale.

Down the winding cave, he sought
The beast that slew his friend
And in the eerie worm-light
Met the beast at cavern's end.

With burning blade, Ameridan
And monster met again
Whilst elsewhere did Haron valiantly
With demon-wards contend.

As demon-stone was shattered,
Ameridan struck true:
Beast and spirit—both felled at once,
Though neither hunter knew.

Now, wounded and in darkness,
Hunters separate made their way
From the bottom of the cavern
Toward the rising light of day.

Ameridan found Haron
Stumbling, wounded from the cave,
And both rejoiced to find the other
Yet free from the grave.

As night passed into day, the two
Did tales of valor spin,
And to this very day, each claims
That he alone did win.

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