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The Grey Warden base at Soldier's Peak was built in the middle of the Glory Age, several decades after the second Blight was ended. Before then, Grey Wardens in Ferelden would take up residence in castles and forts that belonged to generous nobles. Warden-Commander Gaspar Asturian desired a fortified headquarters where his forces could train and live. He planned that Soldier's Peak would be a city unto itself. The defeat of the archdemon Zazikel was fresh in the minds of the Fereldan people, and many were willing to donate gold to build Commander Asturian's fortress.

Soldier's Peak was fully completed within 10 years, and dedicated to the Maker in 9:34 [sic] Glory.

--From The History of Grey Wardens in Ferelden, by Brother Genitivi, Chantry scholar.

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  • The date "9:34 Glory" given in this codex entry is incorrect, as the first number in the Thedas dating system refers to the age, and "9" is the current Dragon Age. The date should presumably read "2:34 Glory". See Timeline for more information.
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