The Warden-Commander of Ferelden

Your post as Warden-Commander of Ferelden has been filled with challenges and difficulties. As an Orlesian, the nobility in Amaranthine have given you a frosty reception.

In The Golems of Amgarrak

Eager to find new allies on this hostile soil, your seneschal has urged you to help one of the powerful noble families of Orzammar: the Daces. Jerrik Dace has sent a missive to Vigil's Keep requesting your assistance in a sensitive matter

In Witch Hunt

Weisshaupt has provided little direct assistance but has recently promised more aid if you complete one small task.

During the last Blight, the hero of Fereldan worked with a purported witch of the Korcari Wilds: Morrigan. The role she and her mother, Flemeth, played in the Blight has caused a great deal of concern to the First Warden. Although scarce on details, the First Warden is offering considerable support if you find Morrigan and acquire some information. What information you need to attain though, is frustratingly vague.

After you sent scouts to track down Morrigan, you discovered that you are not alone in looking for her. The templars believe that she is a dangerous blood mage and are offering a high price for her elimination, and the Crown has soldiers looking for her in southern Ferelden. Morrigan has ignited controversy in your ranks, too. Some believe she should be found and killed (such as your seneschal, Garevel), while others believe she should be spared if she cooperates and answers some questions.

Your scouts recently uncovered the location of Flemeth's Hut and report unusual activity in the area.


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