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I met Bayard in Val Firmin. From here, we will travel with the miners to the Western Approach. I already miss the sound of your voice, but the contract they offered will provide for us, and what is a year if I know you are waiting at the end of it?

Bayard says the miners call the place the "Forbidden Oasis." I feared perhaps the water was poisonous—you hear of such things—or that the area was home to one of the beasts in Joaquim's books. Bayard simply laughed and told me not to worry so much. When I asked how the oasis earned its dramatic name, Bayard replied, "Don't ask about the door."

—Excerpt from a letter written by Saul Didot to his wife, Lynette, dated 9:38 Dragon. No further correspondence was sent.

Resources found here: Elfroot, Spindleweed, Blood Lotus, Dragonthorn, Witherstalk, Deep Mushroom, Serpentstone, Paragon's Luster.

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