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Grand Enchanter Lothaire Hardouin was the first leader of the Circle of Magi when it was founded in 1:20 Divine. After Hardouin distinguished himself in battle during the Second Blight, Emperor Drakon himself endorsed him for the position. From all accounts, the Grand Echanter performed admirably, but some speculate Hardouin was a second choice-that Drakon had another mage, with connections to Inquisitor Ameridan, in mind for the job.

Tellingly, these debates are based on a half-finished letter to an army captain and the guest list of a party where Ameridan and the Emperor were in attendance. If any proof ever existed, it is likely dust. The idea's merits should be treated as such, for scholarship's sake.

-- From A short primer of Orlais' most excellent and inspiring history by Lord Renaures, published in 9:35 Dragon


  • The other mage is likely Telana, Ameridan's elven lover and a dreamer who died in the Frostback Basin. She was stricken from historical record, as revealed in the Jaws of Hakkon DLC.
  • Alternatively, it is possible that Ameridan himself was considered for Grand Enchanter, as he was a mage too. This was stricken from historical record as well.
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